Wire Mesh Cage

  • Size
    • 1.5m x 45cm x 2m from $1400
    • 2m x 60cm x 2m from $1650
      • Most schools buy this option, unless limited by space.
  • Shelf Choice
    • Wire Mesh [no additional cost]
    • Plywood [from $300]
      • Plywood should only be used if storing small items, otherwise wire mesh is better as it promotes better ventilation and does not rot or spoil with time.
  • Colour
    • Black [no additional cost]
    • Red, Yellow, Green or Blue [from $200]
      • These colours are more expensive due to an additional coat to achieve the colour fastness and it takes much longer to dry.
  • Door
    • Swing Door
      • If space is not a concern, we recommend swing doors as it will never spoil due to misuse, unlike sliding doors.
    • Sliding Door
      • We use high quality imported 8 bearing per door with self balancing feature. These bearings are not found in Singapore and must be imported specially for this door. We find other sliding systems not as durable.
  • Delivery Location
    • Ground Floor or any other floor with lift access [no additional cost]
    • Each additional floor [from $20 depending on site constraints]

Any other sizes or customization: Please contact us to find out if you need other features such as connectable racks. As this product is fabricated in Singapore on demand, the lead time is 2 – 6 weeks depending on backlog of projects.

If you require something similar, do drop us an email project@metalsg.com with your requirements!